Meet The Team!

Einar "Ease" Schelin

CEO, Executive Producer

Hailing from the frozen norths of Europe (Sweden), Ease was introduced to WoW through the 14-day trials – of which he proceeded to buy 10. He has been playing the same character since 2009, and above all enjoys chit-chatting with friends and guildies while raiding and running keys. After hosting Realm Maintenance since 2021, Ease took over the mantle of Executive Producer in 2024. He’s excited for the future, and can’t wait to see what it will bring.


Influencer Relations Manager

Growing up with video games since the days of 8-bit platformers, I have always been tremendously fond of RPGs; one could easily think the vast world of Azeroth would seem like an easy fit. Not at all, I first stayed clear of WoW in fear that it would suck up too much of my time!
18 years, 9 expansions, and countless friendships later; I realize how ironically right I was. Now I share my experiences as a co-host of “For Azeroth” and “Going IRL” podcasts.

John 'Nyx' Bishop

Video Producer

Nyx discovered the original WoW Radio mere months before it shut down. They has spent the years between it’s closure and subsequent return working, as well as playing WoW, League of Legends, and listening to their limited WoW Radio archives. They’ve also honed their skills as a stagehand and sound engineer. Before joining the Warcraft Radio team, they briefly served as a backup IRC moderator and audio team creator for VTW Productions on such shows as Casually Hardcore and Show X.

Caleb 'Pride' Carroll

Creative Director

Pride joined Warcraft Radio in 2008 as the host of what would become to longest running and most popular World of Warcraft Lore Podcast. Pride has since moved onto other projects including OMFGCATA with Jesse Cox and running the first Heroes of the Storm eSports event “Heroes Premiere League.” Pride has now returned to Warcraft Radio working behind the scenes as a member of the Art and Video teams.


Community Manager

Kexman has always been involved with World of Warcraft from Vanilla all the way through the current product. He’s seen all the raids that can be seen, done all the dungeons and can even be found in a Battleground every now and then. With a Horde logo proudly tattooed on his right forearm, there’s no doubting his dedication to spreading blood and glory on the battlefields of Warcraft! He’s also known for playing the same Tauren Warrior since Launch!


Live Event Coordinator

“The Erik” Sanburn grew up in the mean pastures of Kansas. A collaborator on The Chalice of Silvermoon radio series and recurring co-host with Dustin and Kyle on the Happy Hour Tavern and Learn2Play. OMfG.FM shows included The Donut Shop, Unmasked, and the Tales from your Mom’s Basement anthology series.


Data Analyst

Mugi was part of WoW Radio from 2007 until its closure in 2010. Mugi then joined OMFG after the split and left the podcast world once OMFG closed. Since then he has been playing WoW and other games until September of 2019 when he discovered, thanks to Athalus’ invite, that Warcraft Radio was back. Only a month after discovering the station he was accepting on to staff to work behind the scenes keeping track of the history of the station and making sure YouTube and Anchor are up to date for the current shows.

The Queen of Murlocs

Community Manager

The Queen Of Murlocs was introduced to the world of gaming at the young age of 7 when her older brother forgot to turn off his PlayStation while away and “accidentally” continued his Resident Evil game. Since then she’s has a huge fear of horror games and has primarily stuck with genres such as Fantasy, RPGs, Platformers, Fighting, and Racing. Her introduction to PC gaming was in 1999 when she discovered Runescape and a relatively new genre of gaming called “MMORPGs.” It wasn’t until 2008 when her friends introduced her World of Warcraft, thus, her next adventure began. When she is not gaming, she’s a teacher who specializes in History and Technology, teaching her students about the importance of both the past and the present. She’s the Co-Events Manager of another popular Blizzard Fan Community called BlizzNerds, a group she has proudly been a part of for 8 years and plans to bring her experience and full power to Warcraft Radio!

Brenton "Zekeatron" Stover

Art Producer

Zekeatron (Zeke for short) played vanilla Wow briefly at launch, but was more of a fan of Warcraft 3 and Starcraft. Ketra brought Zeke back for Mists of Panderia and he’s been playing ever since. Graduating with a BA in Game Art & Design, Zeke provides art and assets for Bonus Roll and is a self-published artist and cartographer on DM’s Guild.


Lead Moderator

Ravanth, 26 year old Belgian Waffle who’s been moderating on all sorts of twitch chats since 2014. He was an avid listener of the original warcraft radio and contributed a lot to Essence of RP through emails and IRC chat.


Legal Assistant

Good spirited mother of five, and wife of Pride, SourPatchCat uses her love of law to help create our policies, contracts, and other legal items. She also prefers Call of Duty to Word of Warcraft.


Voice Over

MissildineOnline started his Blizzard journey with his first PC game – Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos and quickly fell in love with the company. Drawn to the world of Warcraft, he jumped into the MMORPG in February of 2005 and has played WoW ever since. Currently a raid leader for the Alliance guild ‘TANTALUS’ – he streams full-time on Twitch while also producing content for his YouTube channel. 

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