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A Podcast Reborn
LGBTQ+ Hosted!
Female Hosted!
Final Fantasy XIV
Hosted By : Rho, Meagan, & Brandon
Community Lore & Story News & Ops

A show celebreating our past, present, and possible future in Final Fantasy XIV!

But Wait! There’s Lore!
World of Warcraft
Hosted By : Pride & Impervium
Creative Humor Lore & Story

But Wait! There's Lore! goes beyond the pixels, code, and players and dives into the rich and illustrious lore and story behind the massively popular World of Warcraft games, books, comics, and films. Venture with us on a journey to tell, craft, and investigate the lore and story of Azeroth.

Experimental Card
LGBTQ+ Hosted!
BIPOC Hosted!
Hosted By : MrMiles & Paacreek
Casual Community News & Ops

Experimental Card is a new Overwatch podcast hosted by Paacreek and MrMiles. If you're a fan of tangents then buckle up because we've got them! We're here to share our love of all things Overwatch with the world and celebrate the community surrounding the game! You can expect a lot of nostalgia, some interviews, and a deep dive into why these two are so passionate about the game!

For Azeroth!
BIPOC Hosted!
World of Warcraft
Hosted By : Manny
Community End Game Lore & Story Mechanics

A podcast featuring the news, lore, resources, and community feedback about Blizzard's premier World of Warcraft MMORPG. Go beyond the headlines and weekly events with Manny Thomas!

Girls Gone WoW
LGBTQ+ Hosted!
Female Hosted!
World of Warcraft
Hosted By : Raven & E-J
Casual Community Humor

Girls Gone WoW keeps the Warcraft community in the know from a fresh perspective. Join #teampositive and their plethora of guests from the community each and every week!

Going IRL
LGBTQ+ Hosted!
BIPOC Hosted!
Female Hosted!
Hosted By : Manny & Lex

A podcast exploring social issues in online and gaming communities, hosted by Lex & Manny.

Hosted By : Rho, WickedKitten
Casual Esports News & Ops

Hosted by Brian “Rho” Black, Monica "Wickedkitten" Stone, and Kevin “Multizord” Ellis, Hearthcasual focuses on embracing the fun in Hearthstone, whether you're on or off the ladder. Whether you’re a Heroic Duelist, a Mercenary captain, a fighter in the Arena or Battlegrounds, or you’re on a Solo Adventure of your own, Hearthcasual has you covered! A new episode is recorded and posted roughly every 2-4 weeks.