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Into the Content Creators
Episode 323
With May being the month of Esports and announcements in the Blizzard-verse, Ease and Athalus update you on what's new. Garrett and Kyle from Into the Nexus joins us for a Podcast Spotlight, and we have a lovely interview with streamer, caster and Esport host Eiya. 00:00 Welcome! 34:26 Into the Nexus podcast spotlight 1:21:02 Eiya interview 2:01:50 Outro and Weekly Podcast Roundup You can find our guests online: Into the Nexus: Grinding Gear: Garrett Weinzierl: Kyle Fergusson: Eiya:,, You can find Ease and Athalus on Twitter @TweetsWithEase and @AthalusWCR. Send your feedback and questions about the show to @realmpodcast on Twitter! If you want to support us and all the other shows produced by Warcraft Radio, head on over to You can find the podcast directory, this show and many more

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