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Episode 158 - Chasing the Cup
Episode 158

Technically PVP Show Notes

Episode 158 - Chasing the Cup


19:23 - Need-Greed-Pass


30:57 - Upcoming WoW PVP Events

Dalaran Gaming hosts 5v5 1v1 duels. So teams of 5 that 1v1 duel (pokemon style). Keep an eye out -
Oasis Community Events -
Micro Keystone Race 11 Jul
Blizzard Official Events - 
8-10 July - MDI Global Finals
16-17 July - AWC Grand Finals
23-24 July - AWC Cross Region Tournament


42:58 - Subject of Analysis

Today we are talking with Dopamine about his experience transitioning from ladder play to AWC and the dream of winning!


1:42:04 - WOW PVP NEWS

Oasis Community 1v1 Duke Out happened 27 Jun. They raised $750 for the Trevor Project, and overall was a great time! Grats to Squippy for taking first place!
Method Mayhem EU RBG tournament finished on 26 June with $2500+ prize pool. Congrats to eHeroes - 
Hotfixes -
Season 3 ending week of 2 Aug -
Watch MDI/AWC finals and get a title - 


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