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Episode 161 - RBGs in Shadowlands with Bina and BobyDK
Episode 161

Technically PVP Show Notes


Episode 161 - RBGs in Shadowlands with Bina and BobyDK


7:42 - Need-Greed-Pass


12:58 - Upcoming WoW PVP Events

Dalaran Gaming hosts 5v5 1v1 duels. So teams of 5 that 1v1 duel (pokemon style). Keep an eye out -
Flark’s Tournaments - expecting a tournament every 3 weeks or so
Blizzard Official Events - 
The Great Push Returns (10 Aug - 3 Sep) - 
Variety Show (24 Aug) - -> Levelling, Footrace, and Scavenger Hunt

16:04 - Subject of Analysis


1:41:10 - WOW PVP NEWS

XPOff 39 2v2 Tournament - August 6 - Congrats to Adi and Kane for winning!
Flark’s tournament happened on 8 Aug - Congrats to Curator, Irascible, and Larosfan for winning!
Team Newtypes is a new org that hosted a $10k dueling tournament with Snutz, Xaryu and Pikaboo. Congrats to Nahj for winning! - 
Classic Arena Clash happened 12 - 14 August. Congratulations to BWG China team for winning first place, and the 100,000 ¥ prize! - 
Some controversy - 
Hotfixes -
9.2.7 dropped today - AH updated, and added back to the mobile app!
WOTLK BG experience and twinking - 
Conquest cap removed! Spoils of War is back! - 
Ban wave went out for RMT and win trading. A number of Rank1 players got caught in this one. 
Lontar admits to RMT boosting - 


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