Technically PvP
Episode 166 - Thoughts on WOW(s)
Episode 166

Technically PVP Show Notes

Episode 166 - Thoughts on WOW(s)


5:33 - Need-Greed-Pass


18:02 - Upcoming WoW PVP Events

Dalaran Gaming hosts 5v5 1v1 duels. So teams of 5 that 1v1 duel (pokemon style). Keep an eye out -
Blizzard Official Events - 
Nov 11-13 - Wrath Classic Arena Tournament - NA and EU tournament with a combined $100,000 prize pool


20:40 - Subject of Analysis


1:16:12 - WOW PVP NEWS

Congrats to the US Marines for winning the Armed Forces Dungeon Clash 14-16 October - 
Congrats to Progress (EU - Firemaw) for winning the Undying Tournament the other weekend!  
Liquid Guild hosted a Wrath Classic 3v3 29-30 Oct. Congrats to Samiyam, Snutz and Hozitojones for taking first place! -
Flarkness held another one of his tournaments. Congrats to Lytë, Infexion, and Thewizard/Flark - 
Hotfixes - 
DF Pre-Patch Notes -
Rated Solo shuffle FAQ - 
Tanks not just healer spots in solo shuffle anymore - and have been making updates for DF (included is a player for our podcast, so you can listen while you search. :) )
Play with the Blues on Friday! - 


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