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10.2 and 1 Year Anniversary! - Wrath Babies #43
Episode 43

Patch 10.2 for World of Warcraft: Dragonflight has been announced! Guardians of the Dream is taking us to the Emerald Dream, and we are very excited. Let's talk about it.

We've also been doing this here show for 1 whole year! We are very excited about that as well. Thank you to everyone who has listened to even one episode.

If you want to reach us or share your story to be featured in the Perky Pugs segment, tweet at us on Twitter @WrathBabies! That is also where you can find our Steamscale Incinerator giveaway this week. You can also join the BRP Discord server to chat with us directly: https://discord.gg/qAvRtbP

We welcome your thoughts, opinions and suggestions! Until next time, thanks for listening and take care.

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