Community PvP Tournaments

Community tournaments have long been a way for different organizations and communities to do something for players outside of the big tournaments.They can vary in size and even have different rulesets depending on what the group running it wants to do. For World of Warcraft PvP, the pioneer, if you will, of these types of […]

PvP Toxicity Solved?

Aerieal screenshot of the Battle for Gilneas Battleground. Light beams from a lighthouse left towards the sea.

If you like PvP, you should tune into Technically PvP, a podcast about player versus player content in World of Warcraft. Hosted by Gerissar, BigMoran, and Treesapjake. Airs live on Twitch every other Tuesday! Tackling Toxicity: Is it Possible? Toxicity is one of the more unfortunate parts of any competitive PvP (player vs player) game […]