ESO: My Thoughts on the Necrom Reveal

If you’re a fan of ESO, check out The Tenth Divine Podcast, hosted by Raven and Shantyman. Listen to their latest episode: Viking Trash This month I put down my thoughts on the Necrom reveal. This upcoming ESO Chapter releases later this summer and features a new class: the Arcanist, as well as two new […]

Road to Endgame: Comparing Dragonknight Builds

Comparison Shopping With the holiday season concluded, I could not help but compare my research for which build I will base my campaign for Swashbuckler Supreme. We will call this “comparison shopping.” I’ll be discussing which build I ended up leaning toward and why. First, a hearty thank you to all the build guide writers […]

ESO Road to Endgame Vol 1

I’m Shantyman, one of the hosts of the Tenth Divine podcast. Despite years of experience playing massively multiplayer games, I’ve never really had a desire or drive to participate in the typical endgame pillars of raiding or player versus player. However, with starting Elder Scrolls Online, and being able to play with a controller, I […]