Battle Passes and Diversity – Up the Creek With Paa

Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by this month’s Up the Creek with Paa! We’re starting things off strong for our second entry with some very good questions about Battle Pass practices and representation in the scope of World of Warcraft and the larger Blizzard Gaming Universe! Hope you enjoy this one and as always you […]

Up the Creek with Paa: A Gaming Advice Column by Paacreek

With Great Knowledge Comes Great Power Artwork by the talented Benji Campbell Don’t worry. I’m not about to start this article selling myself on how wise I am and why you need to submit questions for me to then later answer for you. No, I’m going to start this article by telling you that I […]

Welcome to Experimental Card, an Overwatch podcast!

Welcome to Experimental Card, an Overwatch podcast! Tracer, Rein, and a lot of C9’s. These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect Overwatch podcast but MrMiles and Paacreek accidentally added an extra ingredient to the concoction: Salty Tangents! Thus, Experimental Card was born to take a unique look at Overwatch of the past, present, […]