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With Great Knowledge Comes Great Power

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Don’t worry.

I’m not about to start this article selling myself on how wise I am and why you need to submit questions for me to then later answer for you. No, I’m going to start this article by telling you that I am probably one of the worst gamers and content creators to give you advice AND answer all of your burning questions because I do not have all the answers…but I like to pretend that I do.

All joking aside, I’ve spent the last couple of decades playing games, consuming and creating content, and in that time I’ve picked up a variety of tips and tricks that have helped or hindered me in some way.

So with this column, my goal is never to act as if I’m all-knowing but rather share my own lived experience in some way.

With all that being said, you might have a couple of questions for me, so allow me to answer a few in advance.

All about Paacreek!

Who Am I?

My name is Patrick but I’ve been moonlighting for the better part of a decade online as Paacreek or Paa for short, I’m a queer Black gaming content creator, podcaster, and technophile. I don’t have a streaming schedule at the moment, and no content projects in the pipeline, but I am currently half of the hosting team of the Overwatch podcast; Experimental Card.

While I call myself a content creator, I’d probably consider myself more of a content consumer who happens to create content and stream on occasion. I started my YouTube adventure in 2012 as a vlogger, but around 2015, I started transitioning over to gaming content when I learned about Twitch.

I made my streaming debut on Twitch in March of 2015 when I found out you can stream from Xbox One consoles, this eventually led to me building my first gaming PC so that I could stream on YouTube Gaming and make proper gaming content.

How did I get into content creation?

Boredom. Pure boredom.

Like a handful of other creators, I started creating content because I was bored and had a camera… and the content wasn’t good.

I think part of the issue with my early content was that I didn’t have any direction or idea of what I wanted to do, so my early days were chaotic. Now while my content is still chaotic, I’ve managed to hone in on what I want to do, so now it’s easier for me to understand why my content might perform the way it does.

One other BIG reason I still keep a foot in content creation is representation. I’m a non-binary, biracial queer person.


While I’m not going to shout out how diverse I may be, I will say that I recognize that someone may be able to see themselves in me and that’s exactly why I do this.

I don’t necessarily want to be considered a role model for anyone, but I understand that my being visible may have a lasting positive impact on a person like me who was also just trying to find people like them in the world that love the things they love.

Other Things

I’ve been into computers and electronics since I was a child and worked with them for the entirety of my career. I love technology and learning about what’s out there in the world, including how we can interact with it.

I’m also an avid TV and movie buff. You can usually catch me tweeting about my latest TV obsession or screaming about how excited I am for either another Marvel movie or just a general release.

Where I am now

Where I’m at now with content creation is… that I treat it like a hobby!

I’ve had times where I’ve thought that this was going to lead into a career, and I’ve had other times where I’ve wanted to quit altogether and just focus on myself.

But, I can honestly say throughout all of my travels in and around the cusp of the gaming industry that I’ve enjoyed my journeys so far and am pleased to be able to share the insight I’ve gained with you all.

Influential Games

It may be obvious since I’m the host of an Overwatch podcast, that Overwatch might be my favorite game but that’s not the case. While I do enjoy Overwatch quite a bit, it’s not my favorite game.

My favorite series of all time is Resident Evil, and right after that is Tomb Raider. Individually some of my favorite games from the last five years were Hades, Deathloop, and Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

I’ve also been playing World of Warcraft since 2005, and minus a two-expansion hiatus, I’ve managed to call Azeroth more than home. It was the focal point for a lot of my content since Battle for Azeroth launched in 2017.

I’d be lying if I said that World of Warcraft didn’t have a lasting impression on me but it has, I love this game dearly and cherish every memory I have made both good and bad.

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Submit Your Questions!

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