Road to Endgame: Comparing Dragonknight Builds

Comparison Shopping With the holiday season concluded, I could not help but compare my research for which build I will base my campaign for Swashbuckler Supreme. We will call this “comparison shopping.” I’ll be discussing which build I ended up leaning toward and why. First, a hearty thank you to all the build guide writers […]

The Game Awards: Dec 8, 2022

Major Announcements The Game Awards took place Dec 8 at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, California. There were many World Premieres and long awaited game announcements, and we at Bonus Roll are especially excited for the Diablo 4 release date. The long anticipated announcement, which was revealed immediately after a performance by Halsey singing […]

ESO Road to Endgame Vol 1

I’m Shantyman, one of the hosts of the Tenth Divine podcast. Despite years of experience playing massively multiplayer games, I’ve never really had a desire or drive to participate in the typical endgame pillars of raiding or player versus player. However, with starting Elder Scrolls Online, and being able to play with a controller, I […]

Gain Early Access to Dragonflight with our Beta Key Giveaways!

Blizzard announced the release of Dragonflight on November 28th. While we’re excited for the official release of Dragonflight, we want to help you get in even sooner! We have several different ways you can win a Beta key for early access to Dragonflight from us here at Bonus Roll Productions. But first! If you’re new to Bonus […]