Gain Early Access to Dragonflight with our Beta Key Giveaways!

Blizzard announced the release of Dragonflight on November 28th. While we’re excited for the official release of Dragonflight, we want to help you get in even sooner! We have several different ways you can win a Beta key for early access to Dragonflight from us here at Bonus Roll Productions.

But first! If you’re new to Bonus Roll, welcome! We were Azeroth’s first livestream, back in 2004, under our old name, Warcraft Radio. These days, you’ll find us covering Blizzard games, Final Fantasy 14, Elder Scrolls Online, and more. We are proud to host our Podcast Directory, where you’ll find over a hundred podcasts talking about your favorite MMOs and Blizzard games. Sort by game, content, and more to find the perfect podcast.

Want to focus on lore? There’s a filter for that! 

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Not only do we host the podcast directory, you’ll also find all of the podcasts we produce ourselves listed under Bonus Roll Originals. Several of our Warcraft podcasts are participating in the Beta key giveaways as well, so be sure to keep reading to find out how to enter! 

Enter by leaving reviews on the Bonus Roll Podcast Directory

The first way to enter to win a Dragonflight Beta key is through our Podcast Directory. We have dozens of Warcraft podcasts in our brand new directory that are in need of reviews. You get one entry for each NEW written review (limit of 1 review per show) between September 30 and October 7th. We’ll pick winners on October 8th!  

  1. Go to our podcast directory webpage listed here:
  2.  Login or make an account at the top right side of the page

To make a new account, click on the authenticator of your choice under “Connect with” as shown below to log in with, Discord, etc.

3. Go to the Podcast Directory page and scroll down to your preferred podcast (or use the search bar) and click on their show name to open the page.

4. Leave a review for your favorite Warcraft podcast at the bottom of the page.

5. You are welcome to leave reviews for multiple shows, but only one review per show. Winners will be contacted via the email address associated with your account on October 8th.


Please note that comments are moderated and inappropriate reviews will be removed both from the website and the drawing. We have the right to refuse any winners based on signs of harassment, bigotry, hate speech, or other inappropriate conduct.

Bonus Roll Original Podcasts with Giveaways

Our Warcraft shows also have beta keys for giveaways! Make sure you’re subscribed to their podcast feeds and following on Twitter for special beta key announcements! The quickest way to subscribe is to head to each show’s directory homepage and click on your choice of listening platform. 

Technically PvP

Technically PVP is a podcast about player versus player content in the game World of Warcraft. We delve into various aspects of PvP, analyzing them to learn how to be better at PvP. Gerissar is a PvP Novice and host of the show. He is joined by Treesap Jake and Bigmoran; both highly experienced PVP’rs. They usually have guests from the community to discuss various topics so, you, the listener can possibly learn something new.

Come watch or listen to their discussion, and laugh along as they analyze this game we enjoy!


Technically PVP has multiple keys they will be giving out during live recordings and on Twitter! Make sure you catch their live roundtables on Oct 1st and 8th, live podcast recording of Ep 165 on Oct 11th for those giveaways, and give their Twitter a follow as well!

Show Dates:

  • Dragonflight Druid Round Table: Oct 1
  • Dragonflight Hunter Round Table: Oct 8
  • Technically PVP Live Show: Oct 11


Find them:

For Azeroth!

Join Hosts Manny and Olivia  on For Azeroth! “FAZ” a World of Warcraft Podcast with a leaning focus towards Lore, Community Resources, End Game PvE content, and speculation. Episodes are released every Friday right here, on Bonus Roll Productions!

For Azeroth! will be announcing their giveaway on their October 3rd episode. Full details will come in the episode, but be thinking about your favorite dragons and make sure you follow them on Twitter!

Show date: Oct 3

Find them:

Realm Maintenance

Created by Brian “Rho” Black, now hosted by Einar “Ease” Schelin, Realm Maintenance aims to better connect its listeners with podcasters and other content creators that cover World of Warcraft and other Blizzard game franchises.

Realm Maintenance will be announcing their rules on the October 3rd episode, but it will involve your favorite class! Be sure to follow them for a fuller explanation.

Show Date: Oct 3

Find them:

Girls Gone WoW

Girls Gone WoW keeps the Warcraft community in the know from a fresh perspective. Join #teampositive and their plethora of guests from the community each and every week!

GGW records live on Twitch on and their October 9th episode will include live giveaways! There will also be a fun contest on Twitter!

Show date: Oct 9

Find them: 

Unshackled Fury

Raging since 2015, Unshackled Fury is the thundering brainchild of Berzerker, a World of Warcraft Warrior who believes he has something to say about his beloved game and community, and someone, somewhere, surely wants to hear it. Coming in hot and uncensored every other week, Unshackled Fury brings you all the latest and greatest you need to know about the World of Warcraft, and beyond. So, jack in, load up, and hang on for the wildest ride on Warcraft Radio!

Coming on the 10/10 anniversary show, Unshackled Fury is doing a beta key giveaway! And it won’t cost you much… just a little pride, maybe some dignity. But it’ll be fun! Tune into Unshackled Fury on that date for all the details, and watch for information as well on @Unshackled_Fury and @BerzerkerRage on Twitter!

Show Date: Oct 10

Find them:

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